Volunteer for the Event! 


This entire event is put on by local sponsors and volunteers.  Many people at the event are providing their personal firearms and buying the ammo to be used by the attendees of the event.  This is a huge sacrifice of their prized firearms, time and money.  We want to thank everyone for volunteering!  If you would like to volunteer for this event as well, you must sign up. There are a list of positions below.  Some positions do require experience and/or training. 

Range Safety Officer  

This volunteer position requires that you have been certified in the last two years by the NRA as a Range Safety Officer.  Don’t worry! We can train you before the event.  The cost if only $20 (normally $100).  The position will require you to assist the shooters at each bay making sure that all safety rules are followed.  At least 1 Range Officer and 1 Range helper will be assigned to each bay.  There are going to be at least 10-15 bays used so we need lots of volunteers!

Range Helper
This volunteer position will not require any training, but will require you to attend a briefing 1 week before the event.  You will assist the Range Safety Officer at your assigned bay in crowd control and making sure that everyone has safety glasses and hearing protection before coming into the bay.  You will also make sure that all spectators stay in the spectator area during the shoots.

Ticket Sales
This volunteer position requires that you are able to sell as many additional tickets that you can to raise money for our local youth shooting teams.  If you are outgoing and can convince people to part with their hard earned money to help our youth participate in shooting events, then this is the perfect position for you!





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