2nd Annual Kingman Range Days

May 5th, 10am – 5PM

Drawings for Free Guns and Accessories

All kids 8-17 get 1 free ticket for dedicated kids drawings.

All Adults get 5 free tickets and 1 for each child 8-17 they bring to the event.

This event is sponsored by Ruger, the local gun shops, pawnshops, and other businesses in Kingman. This is a community sponsored event for the community!

Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clays for all Ages


Range Days will be like a fair in that Adults will purchase tickets to

try there hand at differ

ent shooting styles. 

Adults get 5 tickets free .

Kids under 17 and under always shoot free! 

Shoots will be from 1-5 tickets

Additional Tickets are $5 Each, 5 for $20 and 30 for $100

Tickets can be used for raffles or shoots.

Archery Shoots for Kids and Adults


Many  more details to come, but make sure you don’t miss it! 


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Kids Drawing Prizes

Prizes to be announced! 

Last year we gave 5 guns, a fishing trip and more away!



Adult Drawing Prizes

Prizes to be announced! 

Last year we gave 4 guns away a safe and much more!


Prizes for All


Manufacturer Swag

Gun Cases

Range Memberships

CCW Classes

Lots more






100% of proceeds raised at Kingman Range Days will go to Kids shooting programs in Kingman



Our Sponsors



Shoots for All Ages


Trap Shooting – 5 shots at 1 Station – 1 Ticket

50BMG Shoot at 500yds – 1 Ticket
Cowboy Action Shoot, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun 12 Shots – 2 Tickets
Load your own .38 Special cartridge, shoot it, and keep the case – 1 Ticket
Shoot a World War I, World War II, or Korean War Rifle – 1 ticket
Shoot a Full Auto Uzi – 5 Tickets (Adults only)
Shoot a Steel Challenge Scenario 10 rounds – 1 Ticket
Shoot a suppressed pistol or rifle 5 rounds – 1 Ticket
Shoot a completion bow at 3D target – 1 Ticket
Shoot a target pistol and rifle 22LR 10 rounds each – 1 ticket
Shoot a large caliber hunting rifle 700 Caliber or  30-30 – 1 ticket
Shoot Sporting Clays,  5 tries to hit the bird – 1 ticket